Career after MBA in Marketing

Career after MBA in Marketing

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MBA in Marketing offers ample opportunities to aspirants who wish to get in the fast lane of making big bucks

MBA in Marketing is also a very popular specialization among MBA aspirants. MBA in Marketing offers ample opportunities to aspirants who wish to get in the fast lane of making big bucks. MBA in Marketing requires sharp skills and knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relations. With MBA in sales and marketing, one can accelerate their entry and progress in the corporate world. MBA/PGDM in marketing is undoubtedly the most in demand genre in management, and the management degree with the most calibers to grow and enhance the overall economy. A marketing manager is responsible for the marketing, branding and placing their product into the targeted customer. Marketing and sales is the most important branch in an organization, as they are responsible for making revenue and forwarding the end product to the proper customer and groups. It is true that for a company to run, every department shall work in co-ordination and harmony, but it will not be wrong to say that out of all the department sales and marketing remains the most important.

Why MBA in marketing can be a better option

MBA in Marketing is the best option for those who are extroverts, make friends easily, are talkative and have the power to captivate others through their words. Everything has a value only when it can be sold off and it is the responsibility of a marketing manager to promote the products in a manner that they are attractive enough for the customers. The course helps the candidates develop their skills in terms of strategic planning, market research, marketing campaigns, and consumer behavior, cost volume and profit and analysis of demand.  There is also a stern requirement for good communication and presentation skills. Thus, MBA in marketing can be considered to be an all round development course that helps the candidates to build their personality and get acquainted with the business world in the real sense.

Benefits of MBA in Marketing

  • Growth and Diversification- Since Marketing department is one of the main departments of each and every organization, therefore, no matter what your basic interest is, you can get a chance to explore several opportunities in a wide array of fields inclusive of entertainment, media, promotions, advertisements, sales or other applied management fields. You can lead successful and respected careers in many industries. Marketing personnel gets the highest incentives and arguably have a rapid growth in comparison to others.


  • High Salary and incentives- The salary offered after pursuing MBA in Sales and Marketing is mostly high in comparison to other specializations. The average annual salary offered to successful professionals of the discipline in India ranges between INR 4-10 lacs, increasing with the candidate’s experience and skill set. MBA in Marketing is one of the highest paying jobs in India, one can go into professions like chief marketing officer, brand manager, and sales head etc, which all are above average paying professions in a corporate structure. Additionally an MBA in Marketing will earn you the benefits of incentives and bonuses.


  • Apt Learning and career advancement- You will learn to develop the strategies and process of marketing and placing a product and make it valuable for the customers. Additionally for marketing personnel whether it is a lower level marketing employee or a marketing director, communication, analytical and critical thinking skills are of great importance, also these skills can be helpful in day to day life, which will be taught quite actively in the marketing management degree.


  • Motivated and exciting day to day work- Dealing with customers, suppliers, financers and other members of the team on a continual basis means that no day is ever the same. Moreover, an organization is constantly in motion, and rare is the day when you find yourself sitting back with nothing to do. Maintaining branding and product placements and framing marketing strategies are a constant responsibility of anyone in the marketing field, in any position, and keeping up with the changing prospects in overall market is a full-time job in and of itself. It forms an ideal environment for those who thrive off a busy work culture that keeps you moving throughout the day



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