Importance of GD-PI in the process of admission into MBA

Importance of GD-PI in the process of admission into MBA

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Group Discussion or commonly referred as GD among the MBA aspirants, is now become an integral and important part of the admission process in a good MBA colleges.

 Every premier B-School has intuited the GD-PI process to be segment in the process of admission in their respective colleges. When started the GD PI process was only exclusive to top 6 IIMS but as the time passed it is becoming more and more familiar with other colleges too. Every coaching institutes also holds classes for tackling GD-PI rounds, and gives equal weightage to the CBT round as well as GD-PI round. All the top MBA colleges in India have now made it a necessity to pass through GD-PI process.

The GD-PI rounds the overall knowledge and skills + confidence and presentation skills of the candidate,

The purpose or importance of GD-PI round can be categorized as-

  1. Deciding Round- The GD-PI round is the final selection as well as elimination round in the desired institute. If you get 99% but you didn’t cleared the GD-PI round, you are not eligible for admission.
  2. Testing Management skills-  MBA colleges produces future managers and corporate staff to fit in the machinery of economy, at the GD-PI round, the tasks given tests the overall nature, personality and skills to tackle and solve any given scenario at the time of any situation.
  3. Dealing with problems- Being at the management end of the corporate structure, it is the duty of a MBA graduate to deal with all the problems that the system throws at it unbiased.  Business environment changes and how a person deals with it tells a lot about his skills to deal with situations.
  4. Confidence- It is said that “High you go, confident you are”, that is what is tested here, are you ready to be the part of top management in a corporate structure or not. The task provided are a judge on your confidence level, and personal interview itself solely tests your knowledge and presentation skills but most importantly it is responsible for testing your confidence.
  5. Are you a good listener?- Amongst the many qualities, a good manager should also possess good listening skills. If a manager only directs, and take decisions and compel others to impel them, there will be no difference in dictator and a leader. A good manager should be willing to listen to all and anyone.
  6. Behavior and Vision-  The vision with which you work for the company or idols you hold and your behavior toward fellow employees or partners or anyone, is also a benchmark in the process of GD-PI round.
  7. Interaction skills- Interaction with your fellow-ers and your indulgence in the managerial structure is also important in the process of making a good manager. The interaction level in a manager should not be minute but not too high.
  8. Knowledge- During group discussion as well as personal interview, questions on current agendas are put forward you, and the way you give answer to that is tested here.

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