Indian education System-Positive and Negative impressions

Indian education System-Positive and Negative impressions

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India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world right now, even in the education sector; the country has seen slow but steady development.

The Indian education system has a very rich and long history in imparting education, earlier in the times there was a system of gurukul in which India started with the system of having a ‘guru’, who once accepted a person as a student, would engage him in his day to day life. The student would live with the guru and help in household activities. Most of the subject matter was related to concepts that could be applied in day to day life. Now, The Indian Education System has taken a turn, and is completely different from what used to prevail. We now have several boards, depending on the state. Each board has a separate syllabus, some of which are advanced, and some not so much. Due to a lot of factors, the Indian Educations System problems are vast and have been criticized by many.

Indian education system-Pros

  • Knowledge Oriented-The vast area of subjects covered ensures that students have knowledge about as much as they can. India has a huge syllabus in every field of education like science, commerce, IT, Medical, etc
  • Socio and Culture-Some subjects teach students about the long lost culture of India, which they should be aware of, like socials, and different parts in history or culture, which is also a very important aspect of growing up of a child.
  • Vast range of subjects-Since students learn so many subjects, some of them find it easier to determine what field they want to pursue a career in, Indian schools teach a gulp of subjects from the very beginning of the student life, which can be a good mode to gain knowledge in different subjects and also provides enough time for a student to churn out the domain he/she wants to pursue the career in.
  • Realistic learning-Subjects like Economics and English help students in their day to day life, India is the country of many famous economists, CEO, doctors, writers, etc, which is a result of a very goal-oriented study.

Indian education system-Cons

  • Non-Practical Learning-Most subjects, such as chemistry and physics, focus on textbook knowledge when they could be fun applied subjects to learn. Practical learning is more important in today’s growing world, whether it is science or management.
  • Lack of Physical movements-There is a lesser focus on physical education and sports, and more focus on studying all day long, which results in less efficiency of students and in turn performance of students decreases and not able to perform well in further career making.
  • Lack of Sex Education-Sex Education is not given in Indian Schools, which is something that needs to be thoughtfully inculcated each year for students. Sex education is a very important subject in schools in parts of the world, which lacks an Indian education system, which shouldn’t be the case.
  • Lack of Character Building-There is a lesser focus on character building, as many schools do not have lessons on etiquette and mannerisms; many schools only focus on marks earned by the students and not the behavior of them, which definitely is not any good in the long run.


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