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Take Your First Step Towards Being A Python Programmer

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Course Overview:

The course will introduce participants to the general principles of programming as also serve as a detailed introduction to the Python programming language. Participants will learn how to code in Python. It will serve as the first crucial step towards a career in data analysis and data science.


1. Key learning outcomes of the course will be


Those who are first-timers to programming will obtain a strong foundation to build a career in programming.

Those who are already familiar with other programming languages will be able to quickly transition to programming in Python.

 Students will get comfortable with handling text corpuses.

Students will be able to satisfy the Python programming pre-requisite for advanced Data Science courses involving Python coding.

They will be equipped to commence work on achieving a Python coding rank with online coding websites such as Hackerrank.


2. Who should take up this course?

Any individual who is:

Interested in coding and learning to program in Python. 

Aspiring to be a data analyst or data scientist, with little or no formal training in the subject.  


3. What are the course prerequisites?

The course does not require prior programming experience.

A desire to think logically will be an asset.

Exposure to Microsoft Excel as a computational tool would be an advantage.

A basic understanding of logic and flowcharts would be an advantage.

Students are encouraged to join the online course from their computer (rather than a mobile phone).It is advised that Python 3.x be installed on the student’s computer so that the student can experiment with Python code after course hours.

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