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The decision to discontinue the automated caution-listing by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been appreciated by the pharmaceutical company trade stakeholders.

Under the revised procedure, a businessperson would be caution-listed by the reserve bank supporting the recommendations of the Authorised Dealer (AD) bank involved, relying upon the exporter's documentation with the AD bank and investigatory agencies. The AD bank would create recommendations during this relation to the regional workplace involved within the exchange department of the Reserve Bank just in case the exporter has come back to the adverse notice of the enforcement board(ED) / Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) / Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) /any such different enforcement agency and/or the businessperson isn't traceable and/or isn't creating sincere efforts to understand the export issue.

Nipun Jain, Chairman, small and Medium pharma manufacturers Association (SMPMA) expressed, “We welcome this step initiated by the Central Government body. It absolutely was a protracted due demand of the exporters. The automatic caution-listing procedures had a major negative impact on the trade. Its repercussions were mostly long-faced by several MSME corporations that were facing the chance of entering into the caution list of run batted in, particularly in cases of activity to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) countries and third party payment transactions in those countries wherever Foreign remission is incredibly tough. The trade goes through a tough section thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, however, this move of the run batted in can impart relief to the trade.”

Anwar Daud, MD, ZIM Laboratories, opined, “The exporters ought to conjointly get access to the EDPMS info that is maintained by RBI. Presently, the info access is restricted to the banker's head workplace solely, not even the branch. Thanks to this, it delays the whole method, primarily owing to its multiple communication levels, e.g., businessperson -> Bank Branch -> Bank HO -> Bank Branch -> exporter. Otherwise, it's a welcome step.”

“The Reserve Bank’s call to discontinue system-based automatic caution-listing of exporters could be a massive relief within the current times of COVID-19 pandemic. The Export Data processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) that was enforced by RBI in 2014 mandated all banks to bring all transactions with the exporters on-line. In 2016, RBI introduced system-based automatic caution-listing whereby exporters were placed on RBI’s caution list if any shipping bill remained open for over 2 years in EDPMS. Such listing makes it just about not possible for a business person to avail credit and conjointly led to delay in bank documents. This positive call can offer an enormous relief to exporters as in several cases the authorized dealer banks couldn't update their records thanks to lockdown and connected factors of this pandemic, that vulnerable inclusion within the caution list. Therefore, such measures can boost the economy as exports have full-grown by 5.27 percent year-on-year to $ 27.4 billion in September”, advised Sahil Munjal, VP, Pharmexcil.

Dr. Dinesh Dua, Chairman, Pharmexcil discovered, “This RBI circular could be a step within the right direction provided it’s enforced within the right spirit. sadly, most PSBs have a technology deficit occasionally when the payments created to exporters’ A/C take a great deal of your time to trace. Exporters ought to run from pillar to post to reconcile and supply proof to the dealing hand to trace payments. Correct technology and cooperative personnel will go extended thanks to facilitating this new provision.” He added, “A circular from the apex bank will solely succeed if exporters’ bankers implement similar robustness.’


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