The 99 Percentile In CAT

The 99 Percentile In CAT

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In this blog, we will discuss about the high scoring that is done in the CAT exams. So read on the blog to find all the information.

The 99 Percentile In CAT


In this blog, we will discuss about the high scoring that is done in the CAT exams.So read on the blog to find all the information.


How many questions must be answered correctly in CAT 2022 in order to receive a 99 percentile? The most straightforward response to the topic of how many questions a candidate should attempt in the CAT 2022 is, to be absolutely specific, the maximum a candidate can do. In actuality, it entirely depends on how accurately a candidate attempts the test. A candidate's individual percentile may be impacted by a particular incorrect answer due to the CAT's negative marking policy of one mark for each incorrect response.


Institutes accepting CAT scores


According to experts, the key is always to retain accuracy while responding to CAT questions. If you approach CAT 2022 with a 100 percent accuracy rate, you may be able to attempt a small number of questions while still scoring higher than the 99 percentile.


The amount of inquiries that must be answered in each category:


The following attempts for each of the sections have been determined based on the CAT exam's difficulty level and a 99 percentile:


QA: 70–75 on the net scale (23-25 attempts on 34)


DI and LR: 65–70 on the net (22-24 attempts on 32)


Net score of 55 to 60 for VARC (20-22 attempts on 34)


Generally speaking, a net score of about 175




Precision is the most important thing to overcome on a difficult MBA entrance exam like the CAT. Despite trying a lot of questions, you can't earn a good score unless you are providing the appropriate answers. You would need to be completely confident in the questions you attempted. In the unlikely event that your accuracy rate is 90%, you would have excellent chances. According to experts, attempting 75% of each part would ensure a candidate a 99 percentile or higher on the CAT 2022.


Currently, let's assume that precise accuracy equals 80%. So, if a candidate answers 10 questions, he will answer 8 correctly and 2 incorrectly.


The difficulty level of CAT


  • The number of exam questions attempted also relies on how challenging the test is. To assure a better attempt, you can use the tactics listed below:

  • Section off the paper into small pieces.

  • Sort the questions into Easy, Medium, and Difficult.

  • Start with the simpler inquiries. Spend no longer than the allotted amount of time on each question.

  • Avoid making any confusing decisions in the exam if you are uncertain about the options available.


Time and Speed


Speed and accuracy are crucial for the Common Admission Test. A candidate can guarantee a decent attempt on the majority of the questions as long as time is kept.


The CAT has an hour-long sectional time limit, which means that if you are unable to attempt the required number of questions in that time, you have forfeited your chance and will now automatically go on to the following segment.


A strong deadline assumes a significant role in your execution. An hour is allotted for you to answer a series of 32–34 questions.


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