KMAT 2021 Syllabus

MBA PGDM Exam details

KMAT 2021 Syllabus 

KMAT 2021 Syllabus is divided according to the sectional division of KMAT.The Registration for KMAT can be done online. KMAT Exam scores are accepted by more than 189 + institutions in the state of Karnataka for the admission process of MBA PGDM and MCA Program.KMAT can be taken by any state candidates as there is no barrier for any particular domicile. KMAT is conducted for admission in MBA PGDM AND MCA Programmes. So there is a difference in sectional composition of KMAT Exam for MBA and MCA.
The no of sections for KMAT is 3 and the duration for KMAT will be 120 minutes ( 2 hours ) but there is a difference in sectional composition of KMAT Exam Pattern for MBA and MCA.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

In these questions will be asked related to descriptive linguistics, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc. There would be queries on an understanding of the contents of the passages and selection of acceptable words, phrases, expressions and similar language skills. This shall embody the passages with queries based on their contents to check comprehension.

Logical and Abstract Reasoning
This includes questions to measure how quickly and accurately you can think. The section may have questions in sets as well as individual ones based on Verbal Reasoning, analogy among others.

Quantitative Ability

The questions in this section are of 10+2 standard. This shall embody questions to acumen quick and correct if you'll work with numbers, do numerical calculations, understand numerous arithmetic problems involving ratio & proportion, percentage, interest, time & speed, etc. aside from Arithmetic, the questions might also be based on Algebra, Geometry, trig} and parts of mathematics. This check also helps to live your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs & charts.

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