NMAT 2020 -Advantages

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NMAT 2020 – Advantage of NMAT

NMAT 2020 is most candidate friendly management entrance exams because of its unique features. Below are the advantages of NMAT 2020 Exam

  • Choosing a date, time and location - Testing window of 88 days allows you to choose a convenient test date. The test window will remain opens the from 04 Novemeber 2020 to 30th January 2021.
  • Self-scheduling- Candidates can choose your test appointment date, time and location on the availability of seats at each test centre between the perios of 88 days.
  • Register for the NMAT by GMAC™ exam from your mobile – Candidates can register for NMAT by GMAC from anywhere and anytime through mobile phone.
  • Choose your testing locations – Candidates can choose from any of 66 conveniently located testing centers to take the exam.
  • Taking the test multiple times: You can take the NMAT by GMAC™ three times in a period of 88 days of test . This gives you the confidence that you have more than a single opportunity to perform your very best.
  • Choosing the section order - The NMAT by GMAC™ allows you to choose the order in which you respond to each of the sections on the test. This allows you to perform better according to their strength and plus point.
  • You can revise your answers: Candidates can review their answers at the end of each section so candidates have the opportunity to revise if you’re not sure of your answer.
  • No negative marking – Almost every management entrance exam lack this feature but in NMAT there is no negative marking schemes for wrong answers.
  • Sending scores to up to 5 programmes for free - You can choose to select the list of schools/programmes you want to send your scores to before or after taking the exam. Up to 5 schools/programmes are included in your registration fee. However, you will be able to send your scores to more than 5 schools/programmes before or after you register for an additional fee.
  • Applying to business schools after reviewing results - You can view your results and then decide to apply to business school or retake the test depending on your comfort with the results you’ve obtained.
  • Official prep materials from the house of GMAC - Official guide book and online practice exams are available on the website of NMAT at free of cost.
  • Free All India Mock Tests by GMAC for the aspiring NMAT 2020 candidates- Free Mock Test are providing by GMAC to know how to attempt NMAT to score the best of Scores and get admitted into Top B-Schools



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