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Internship/Corporate training

As the corporate world is increasing its space,the running race of upgrading oneself and to improve skills are also uprising. Every organization needs to procure an applicant who is ready to give result at the initial stages for the organization. When you are enriched with desired skills required for any organization you get an edge over different competitors. For this, Internship can be the best answer for an individual to gain suitable knowledge in specific industry.

An internship is an opportunity provided by an employer to students for short period of time who are keen to gain an experience in their field to know the specific industry or to brush up their skills to perform in productive & efficient manner. Internship isa great way for student, ongoing graduates or anybody considering a profession change to get important work understanding.

The benefit of internship can be procured for gaining valuable insight for better comprehension of desired field. Internship can be done by an individual who wants to explore different path in their career.It offers studenta carefully assembled chance to work in their ideal field .They figure out how their course of study applies to this present reality and fabricate a significant encounter that makes them more grounded contender for employments after graduation.

Edumyra Services Pvt Ltd is the leading Educational Consultancy which has a significant identity inrecruitment as well as internship. ESPL is the place where students get an interaction session with us for choosing the best college according to their profile. We also allowstudents to get an opportunity to understand their stream or specializationby getting an internship in a reputed company. Edumyra hastie ups with more than 500 companies as well as corporates,where the big opportunity starts for student to work with them as an intern. ESPL also help students to upgrade their profile by assisting them with customized counselling, resume tailoring & writing , providing soft skills training sessions etc.

What services Edumyra Intern provide?

  • • Provides Job Counselling
  • • Help you in resume writing
  • • Provide soft skills training session
  • • Customize Internship according to specialisation.
  • • Schedule interviews with companies.
  • • Resolving confusion related to career and companies at every stages.
  • • Guidance to upgrade your profile.


  • • Excellent customer service
  • • Personal relationship with students and companies
  • • Higefficiency with negligible charges
  • • Large market share with excellence
  • • Pioneers in creating opportunities
  • • Customer understanding
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